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Transforming Lives - Strengthening Community

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Transforming Lives - Strengthening Community

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"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up." John Holmes

When you commit to serving a community through “Transforming Lives ▪️ Strengthening Community” as Assistance League® of Denver has done for over sixty years, you’d better be ready for some pretty powerful experiences. Such as receiving the tearful gratitude of a single grandmother with custody of five young grandchildren as she was finally able to buy them new school clothes through our school clothing program. Or reading the hurriedly scrawled thank you note from a first responder describing the powerful calming effect one of our ALDO Bears teddy bears had on a young child after witnessing her home in flames. Or freely lending a new wheelchair through our Hospital Equipment Lending Program to a grateful husband who needed it to bring his wife home after a long stay at a spinal rehabilitation center. Or listening to one of our scholarship recipients tell her powerful story of coming to America and committing to giving back saying, “My will to work hard for a better future and a chance to show my parents that their decision to leave their homeland was not done in vain is what drives me. I am passionate about healthcare and helping those who need it most.”

Not much qualifies as a sure thing these days, but through a deep and unflagging commitment to community service, Assistance League of Denver and the many wonderful donors and sponsors who support it have tapped into a wellspring of opportunity to help those in need. Providing resources, service, and education across a range of community needs, we help children, seniors, and adults through targeted programs designed to empower, provide opportunity, and uplift. Your generous support truly does help us transform lives and strengthen community.